Call for Presentations

WASBO Foundation Facilities Management Conference

The WASBO School Facilities Committee values your expertise and invites you to share your knowledge with attendees at the 2021 Virtual WASBO Foundation Facilities Management Conference. Conference dates are to be determined. Please complete the form below for your presentation to be considered. Note that final programming decisions are made by the planning committee. Submissions will be accepted through Dec. 1, 2020. You will be contacted by Jan. 1, 2021 to confirm whether your session has been selected by the conference committee. If you would like this submission to be considered for additional conferences, please submit for each conference separately.

Selection criteria includes, but is not limited to:

  • presentation must be informative in nature (not a marketing pitch)
  • presentation fits the educational criteria for those responsible for the operational side of Wisconsin public school districts
  • presentation time is 60 minutes
  • presentation fits one of these tracks:
    1. Grounds
    2. Leadership
    3. LED/Lighting
    4. Operations
    5. Safety and Security/Risk Management
    6. Social Media/Communication/Technology
    7. Sustainability/Green
    8. Other
Presentation Guidelines for Selected Presentations
  1. Registering for the Conference - If your presentation is selected you only present your session, you are not required to register. However, if you intend to attend other events during the conference we ask that you register when registration becomes available for this conference.
  2. Speaker Photo & Bio due February 1, 2021 - If you have not done so in the past, please provide WASBO with an up to date biography and head shot photograph.
  3. Presentations due February 10, 2021 - Attendees are provided conference presentations in advance of the conference on a webpage and on the WASBO Go App. Please send your presentation to [email protected].
  4. Educational Content - All presentations must be of an educational nature and may not be used to promote products and/or services. Attendees appreciate the information provided at this conference and often find that they can apply what they've learned when they return to their districts.
  5. Engaging the Learners - Please consider your audience - these are adult learners in a group setting who will be attending 6-8 presentations during the conference. Build engaging activities into your 60-minute session, such as turn and talks, polls (i.e. Kahoot!), or other ways for the audience to participate in your session. By incorporating activities you will help participants remember what they learned and also allow learning from their peers.


If you are a District Professional, consider teaming up with your colleagues or a Service Affiliate to present a session on an innovative idea or best practice you have implemented in your district. Attendees appreciate the information provided by their peers and often find they can apply what they have learned at the conference when they return to their districts.

Service Affiliate Members are strongly encouraged to team up with a school district professional to co-present educational and informative solutions. Inviting district personnel to co-present gives additional credibility to the information you are providing. If you present quality information, attendees will remember the expert who provided it.

Written and oral information provided at the Facilities Management Conference is obtained from a variety of sources. Neither WASBO nor any of its members or representatives accept liability for the contents or use of information presented at this conference.

The Call for Presentations Application for the 2021 Facilities Management Conference may be filled out below, or by using this link:


WASBO committees reserve the right to enhance or change the session to reflect relevant needs of conference attendees.

For more details or should you have any questions, please contact Kaitlyn Peters at [email protected] or 608.729.6631.

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