Investing in Wisconsin Public SchoolsTM

A Valuable, Interactive Tool to Foster Dialogue and Facilitate Understanding Around the Complex Topic of Wisconsin School Finance

There’s no getting around it; Wisconsin public school finance is complex. When key stakeholders – parents, staff, school board members and the community – lack understanding of this difficult topic, the ramifications to our public school districts can be devastating.  The ability to provide high quality educational experiences for all students in a safe and healthy environment can be jeopardized.

Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ has been collaboratively developed by WASBO, WASB and WSPRA to help address the challenges of educating stakeholders on public school finance.  This comprehensive process includes large scale visual maps, key data points, and engaging discussion questions, which are designed to be used in small groups guided by facilitators.

Because it uses a blended learning and engagement methodology, Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ is suited for stakeholders at all levels. The learning objectives examine the basic revenue and expense elements of education’s financial scorecard, allowing participants to explore the measures of success and how all stakeholders can affect the financial well-being of schools.

Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ key themes include:

  1. Who are our stakeholders? What do they contribute to schools and what do they expect of schools?
  2. What are the various sources of public school funding (revenues)?
  3. What are the various expenses of public schools?
  4. What are the ramifications of not having sufficient revenues? What are the methods for dealing with these ramifications?
  5. How are stakeholders affected by the effectiveness of public education?
  6. What are the common outcomes of education and how are they impacted by the school funding mechanism?
  7. How would you approach balancing a budget?
  8. What actions or support can you provide to help ensure our schools provide a quality education amidst balancing a budget?

The initial Investing in Wisconsin Public SchoolsTM Map Kit for each school district is $750 and includes:

  • One laminated table top map, Coaches Handbook and Data Cards
  • Perpetual use within your School District
  • Agenda Design Guidance, Next Steps and Troubleshooting for Professional Development, Community Based Meetings or Board Meetings
  • Updates to Materials as Needed (paid by school district at production cost)

Additional Map Kits are $500 each. Map Kit purchase requires that at least one district employee be trained as a Table Coach by WASBO. Table Coach training is $100 per person.

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences, Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ is an ideal tool for:

Parent groups
Staff Professional Development
Board Member Orientation
Community groups
the Business Community

Scot Ecker was recognized with ASBO's 2013 Pinnacle of Excellence Award for his work in developing Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™.