Facilities Management Conference

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020
1-1:55 pm
Concurrent Sessions
- Real World Ethics for Facilities Directors
- Subcontractor Selection During Construction - How? When? Why?
1-2:30 PM
 Stop the Bleed Training
2:15-3:10 pm

Concurrent Sessions
- Let's Not Forget About Everyday School Safety
- Empowering Employees to be Leaders & Build Trust

2:50-4:30 PM
 Stop the Bleed Training (REPEAT)
3:25-4:20 pm
Concurrent Sessions
- Buildings & Grounds Round Table
- How Much Do You Know About Human Trafficking

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
8-8:55 am Concurrent Sessions
- Big Air Savings: Building Integrity and Energy Savings with Air Sealing
- School's Out for the Summer, Now What?
- So You Want to be a Facilities Manager - Facilities Manager Core Certification Intro Course
9:10-10:05 am Concurrent Sessions
- 21st Century Classrooms: Transformational Learning Environments | Workbook
- More Air Conditioning, More Space, Higher Utility Costs, Yet Lower Electricity Bill
- Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery - Facilities Manager Core Module 7 Session
10:20-11:15 am Concurrent Sessions
- Autonomy in Floor Maintenance
- The Solar Energy Experience at the Northland Pines School District: Reducing Cost and Moving Towards Zero Net Energy
- After Hours Emergencies: How to Plan - Facilities Manager Core Module 7 Session
11:30 am-12:25 pm  Concurrent Sessions
- HVAC Controls Open Protocol & Architecture: Facts & Fiction
- Technology and the Changing Workforce
- Emergency Planning - Facilities Manager Core Module 7 Session
1:10-2:05 pm
Concurrent Sessions
- Acing Your Environmental Exams
- Implementing GIS for Facilities Management
- Security Assessment - Facilities Manager Core Module 7 Session
2:15-3:10 pm Concurrent Sessions
- How to Improve Your Energy Efficiency Strategy in 2020
- Your Roof Collapsed! Now What?
- How Are WI School Districts Preparing for Threats? - Facilities Manager Core Module 7