Federal Funds Procedural Manual

New Omni Circular reporting guidelines require written procedures in place for federal grant applications. The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued technical corrections to the Uniform Guidance and updated answers to Frequently Asked Questions that are designed to promote consistent and appropriate implementation of the federal grants reforms.

A number of administrators approached WASBO to help develop some templates and common procedures to help school districts meet these requirements. The WASBO Accounting Committee, Wisconsin DPI, WCASS, and Hawkins Ash CPAs went to work on this request – including Ken Mischler, Wendy Brockert, Jill Bodwin, Kim Dax, and J.J. Gutman from WASBO; Kurt Eley, John Peterson, and Gary Myrah from WCASS; Kathy Guralski and Rachel Zellmer from Wisconsin DPI; and Kevin Behnke and Randall Miller from Hawkins Ash.

Download the Federal Funds Procedural Manual here. (Microsoft Word document)

Please note: These procedures are only a base for helping school districts get started or to provide one more tool for approaching how they may want to write their procedures. School districts will still need to customize their own procedures to follow their individual processes before their procedures are complete.

Of course, as with any federal register, the final arbiters of procedures are always the federal government, state government, or your school auditor. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call the DPI for their advice.