Midwest Facility Masters Conference

Attendee Schedule


Sunday, November 1, 2020
Sunday Night
Early Registration
Monday, November 2, 2020
7 AM - 5:30 PM
Registration (New Convention Area)
7-8:50 AM
7:50-8:50 AM
Conference Keynote: Leading Across Generations
9:00-9:50 AM

Concurrent Sessions
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Accommodating the Generations
  • Lessons Learned: How to Mitigate Future Risk from Other Viruses
  • How to Reinvigorate Your Safety Committee
  • School Construction Projects: Best Practices for Purchasing & Contracts
  • Deep Dive into Hands On Technical Products (In Person Only)
10:00-10:50 AM
Concurrent Sessions
  • Excelling as a Leader
  • Building Information Modeling: What Can It Do For Your School?
  • The Role of Flooring in Return to School Strategies
  • Deep Dive into Hands On Technical Products (In Person Only)
10:50 AM - 5:30 PM Exhibit Hall Open
10:50AM - 12:10 PM
Dedicated Exhibit Time
12:10-1:10 PM
1:10-2:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions
  • How Many Languages Do You Speak
  • Maintaining Safe Play Environments - Keep Your Playground Compliant and Fun!
  • Continuity Planning During Remote Learning for Your Staff
  • School's Out for the Summer, Now What?
2:20-3:10 PM
Concurrent Sessions
  • Real World Business Ethics for Facilities Directors
  • Mitigating the Risk of COVID-19
  • Handling Distance Learning Extended Shut Down
  • Technology & the Changing Workforce
3:30-4:20 PM Concurrent Sessions
  • Chemicals: How Bad Can They Be… And, Where Do We Find Them in Our Schools?
  • Addressing Misinformation about the appropriate products to use to clean in light of COVID-19
  • Combating Short Construction Schedules: Strategies for Success
  • Water Damage: The Ripple Effect
4:20-6 PM Extended Exhibit Hall Hours
Tuesday, November 3, 2020
7 AM - 12 PM
7:15-9:15 AM Breakfast
7:45-9:15 AM
General Session: Planning for the Future
9:25-10:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions
  • Leading in Smaller School Districts
  • Project Communication is Key; We Cannot TALK Enough
  • Lead in Drinking Water 
  • Common Sense Approach to Addressing COVID-19
10:25-11:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions
  • The Real-Life Benefits of a Lighting Upgrade 
  • Preparing for an OSHA related Audit
  • Finance 101 - How Do I Get What I Need and Make Everyone Happy?
  • Facilities Assessment: From the Facilities Director
11:25 AM - 12:15 PM
Concurrent Sessions
  • Leading from the Middle of the Pack
  • Let's Not Forget About Every Day School Safety
  • Autonomous (Robotic) Cleaning Trends
  • CPS & CPMM Certification Information Session
12:15 PM
Grab N' Go Lunch
On Demand Sessions
  • Exterior Building Envelope Maintenance (WI Core Module 4)
  • Roof Maintenance (WI Core Module 4)
  • Effective Preventative Maintenance Program (WI Core Module 4)
  • Building Automation Management Systems (WI Core Module 4)
  • Managing Sports Fields - Grass, Turf & Synthetic Surfaces (WI Core Module 5)
  • Capital Planning: A Guide to Future Success(WI Core Module 5)
  • Budgeting for School Facilities Departments (WI Core Module 5)
  • The Realities of Referendum Projects (WI Core Module 5)