WASBO Foundation Fall Conference

Schedule at a Glance


Thursday, October 15, 2020
8-8:15 AM
8:15-9:15 AM
Conference Keynote: Beyond COVID-19: Ongoing Legal Considerations for Your District
9:25-10:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions 1
  • Practical & Legal Considerations for Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace
  • The Business Aspect of School Nutrition
  • The State's Fiscal Condition, Prospects for Statutory Flexibility, and the 2021-23 State Budget Outlook
  • Year-to-Date Budget and Compensation Analysis
10:25-11:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions 2
  • Written Procedures & The Uniform Grant Guidance
  • Debt Issuance Compliance - You Received the Funds, Now What?
  • ESSA Equitable Participation
  • Hot Topics and HR Planning for the COVID Future
11:15-11:50 AM
Lunch - Join Networking Discussion Groups in the virtual conference platform
11:50 AM-12:10 PM
 WASBO Business Meeting
12:15-1:05 PM
Concurrent Sessions 3
  • RFPs 101: How to Write An RFP to Get Competitive Numbers
  • How WISEgrants Uses WUFAR to Assist Subrecipients in Meeting Allowable Cost Requirements
  • Student Data Privacy: How the Wisconsin Alliance Can Help with Contracts, Purchasing and Verifying Applications
  • Well-being During the Pandemic and Beyond
1:15-2:05 PM
Concurrent Sessions 4
  • The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance
  • Living and Operating in a Post-Pandemic World: Employer Rights & Responsiblities
  • Impact of CARES and SECURE Acts on District Retirement Savings Plans
  • Bus Contract Obligations and Revisions
Friday, October 16, 2020
7:40-8 AM
8-8:50 AM
Concurrent Sessions 5
  • Safety Implications in the New Normal
  • Smart School Spending: One District's Journey in the Alliance
  • ESSA School-Level Expenditure Reporting: The Real Deal
  • What You Don't Know, You Don't Know:  Navigating the Maze of your Benefit Plans
9-9:50 AM
Concurrent Sessions 6
  • Proposed Legislation for Wisconsin Schools - Lead in Drinking Water: A Look at the Proposed Wisconsin’s LRB 19-3539
  • Third Time's the Charm
  • GASB Updates
  • The Foundations of Unemployment Insurance (Compensation) Laws for Wisconsin Public School Districts
10-10:50 AM
Concurrent Sessions 7
  • COVID 19 Operating Strategies
  • WISEdata Finance
  • GASB 84 Implementation Panel & Discussion
  • Cyber Liability Topics and Claim Example
11-11:50 AM
 Concurrent Sessions 8
  • Wisconsin Worker's Compensation System: Basics to Help Control Your Costs
  • Aid & Revenue Limit: Understanding Your Worksheets
  • CARES Act
  • Analyzing & Communicating Fiscal Data With Linking to Academics
11:50 AM
Grab N' Go Lunch
 12:00 PM
  • Year of Success/New Administrator Touch Base Session
   ***All Sessions will be recorded and posted after the conference***
Additional On Demand Sessions for Viewing Any Time - Not Offered Live
 Facilities Manager Core Certification Modules 2 & 6
  • Energy Accounting & Education (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 2)
  • Understanding HVAC (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 2)
  • Electrical Systems: Lighting (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 2)
  • Electrical Systems: Power & Low Voltage Systems (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 2)
  • Interaction with the Public: How to Sell Your Program (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 6)
  • How to Identify & Communicate Success (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 6)
  • Excelling as a Leader (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 6)
  • Hire Retire & Everything In Between (Facilities Manager Core Mod. 6)
 New Administrator/Year of Success
  • Perspectives of a New Business Manager (Year of Success)
  • Fiscal Year at a Glance (Year of Success)
  • Cash Reserve (Fund Balance)/Long Term School District Fiscal Health (Year of Success)
  • They Will be Monitored - Written Procedures & the Uniform Grant Guidance (Year of Success)
  • How WISEgrants Uses WUFAR to Assist Subrecipients in Meeting Allowable Cost Requirements (Year of Success)
  • Debt 101 (Year of Success)
  • Changing Your Healthcare Thought Process to Curb Long Term Rising Trends
  • Providing the Best Primary Care Partner for Your Employees