The Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials (WASBO)  is the professional association for those employed in Wisconsin school districts and other educational institutions who serve on the business side of school operations. Member responsibilities may include:

  • business administration
  • financial management
  • human resources
  • asset management
  • safety and risk management
  • strategic planning and program evaluation
  • leadership
  • facilities
  • transportation
  • food service
  • purchasing
  • technology
  • legal/political

WASBO Member Types

The Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials offers fourmembership types:

  • District Professional
  • Service Affiliate
  • Student
  • Retiree

All memberships are for individuals (not entire school districts or businesses).

WASBO District Professional Membership - $250 Annually

District Professional memberships are available to any individual performing school business related functions and employed by a public, private or parochial school, college or university.  Memberships are also available to individuals employed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, educational cooperatives, and consortia. Typical responsibilities for District Professionals may include business administration, finance, accounting, facilities, transportation, food service, purchasing, bookkeeping, or technology.

Optional ASBO membership
When you join WASBO, you also have the option to join ASBO International. Find out more about ASBO at Your shopping cart will include ASBO dues – if you prefer not to join ASBO, simply zero out the $240 amount shown and uncheck the ASBO line item, then click the Add to Cart button to add only the WASBO District Professional dues.

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WASBO Service Affiliate Membership - $250 Annually

Service Affiliate memberships are available to those who work for businesses that provide products & services to educational institutions.

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WASBO Student Membership - $135 Annually

Student memberships are available to undergraduate and graduate students who are not currently serving in a school business role.

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WASBO Retiree Membership - $65 Annually

Retired memberships are available to those no longer working in District Professional or Service Affiliate capacities. For assistance in converting your WASBO membership from a District Professional or Service Affiliate membership type to a Retiree membership type, please call the WASBO office at 608.249.8588 or email