WASBO Board of Directors

The WASBO Board of Directors consists of 13 members:

  • President (1-year term)
  • President Elect (1-year term, then moves through the seats of President and Past President)
  • Past President (1-year term)
  • Treasurer (3-year term)
  • 9 Directors (3-year terms)

Two Director positions are elected annually. One Director position is appointed annually by the WASBO President. Every third year, this appointed position is reserved for a Service Affiliate Member.

The Treasurer, President-Elect, President and Past President make up the Leadership Team.

Board Responsibilities

Members of the WASBO Board of Directors must:

  • Be informed on WASBO issues in order to represent the total membership and speak on behalf of the association.
  • Attend all board meetings, prepared to participate in discussions and decisions after carefully studying the agenda and related information.
  • Volunteer as a committee liaison, member of special committees, and/or other work assignments.
  • Be familiar with the WASBO Constitution and WASBO Policies and Procedures. New board members should study the minutes of the past year’s meetings for awareness of recent board actions.
  • Write at least two articles per year for publication in Taking Care of Business OR write one article and solicit at least one article from another WASBO member for publication.
  • Be actively involved and regularly attend the meetings of your own regional chapter. Each director is assigned as a liaison to at least one standing committee.
  • Promote WASBO and ASBO International, especially to non-members. When possible, board members are encouraged to retain membership in ASBO International and attend the annual ASBO Conference.
  • Attend and actively participate in WASBO professional development events. Encourage members of your regional chapter to attend WASBO events, including the annual conference. Visit WASBO conference exhibits and encourage vendor participation.